Our Guiding Models for Nursing

Our Guiding Models for Nursing

Professional Practice and Care Delivery Models

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The nurses at HackensackUMC deliver high quality, evidence-based, patient-centered care to our patients and their families. Our shared decision-making model provides us with the opportunity to utilize evidence-based practice and nursing research in the delivery of care.


As facilitators and advocates, we develop partnerships in care with our patients, their families and with fellow healthcare professionals.


We strive to promote the professional image of nursing through active engagement in patient education, quality initiatives and innovation to promote continuity of care for patients and their families, including local and global outreach.

Professional Development

We embrace lifelong learning, and we encourage and support one another in ongoing professional growth and development.


Our Care Delivery Model is based on Jean Watson’s “Theory of Human Caring,” which is the convergence of the art, theory and science of nursing.


Blueprint for Nursing Leadership

Distributed Responsibility

Effective Nursing Leadership is aligned with the mission, vision and values of Hackensack University Medical Center. Our Magnet nursing credential signifies that we sustain our journey to excellence through the provision of resources, structure and support to all nurses wherever nursing is practiced. We are solidly grounded in core Magnet principles and continuously strive for discovery, innovation and a work environment that supports excellence in evidence-based nursing practice. Furthermore, we uphold the principles of Magnet certification by consistently investing in and committing to the measurement of our work environment and patient quality outcomes. It is our belief that excellence is a journey, not a destination.

We have defined a delivery of care model that reflects patient- and family-centered care and is evidence-based and collaborative in nature. Our interdisciplinary team approach is performance-driven and focused on quality outcomes.

The nursing leadership culture supports an environment that empowers nurses and supports autonomy, integrity, trust, competence, loyalty and collaboration with an organizational perspective. Collaboration is sustained through exceptional interdisciplinary relationships among staff, physicians and administration to foster alignment with the organization’s strategic direction as it pertains to quality, people, finance, growth and service.

Responsibilities are distributed and delegated to all members of the nursing staff to empower and support decision-making using a shared governance framework.

Non-Stop Skill Development

The environment promotes continuous skill development, which includes teaching, coaching, mentoring and measurement of outcomes. Leaders promote confidence and sound knowledge by demonstrating evidence-based leadership and inspiring empirical outcomes.


Accountability is emphasized by setting clear expectations regarding mutually agreed-upon objectives and timelines, and by validating outcomes as needed. Nursing leadership and decisions affecting the culture of excellence at Hackensack University Medical Center are continuously measured against desired outcomes to ensure continued success.


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