Our Culture of Nursing

Our Culture of Nursing

Nursing Practice

The nursing practice at Hackensack University Medical Center transcends the traditional and explores the boundaries of diverse opportunities so our nurses can enjoy a long and satisfying career providing quality care to our patients. Our staff nurses are at the center of delivering patient and family centered care and are empowered to be innovative, as well as to lead and to use evidence to enhance the individual and collective practice of all nurses at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Innovativeness is ingrained into the DNA of our nursing culture. Toward that end, our major nursing documents – such as Values, Nursing Philosophy, Nursing Strategic Directions, Blueprint for Nursing Leadership, Nursing Models of Care and Professional Practice – set the expectation for an environment that is transformational and constantly in pursuit of excellence.

Our nursing practice encourages transformative ideas to thrive and allows us to create and preserve a culture that has achieved many innovative firsts. For example, HackensackUMC is the first hospital in the state of New Jersey to launch a successful recycling program. Our Operating Room Green Team, led by Green Team Champion Nurses Jennifer Pallotta, RN, BSN, CNOR, and Joan Banovic, RN, BSN, CNOR, started a departmental campaign focused on recycling. This led to an organization-wide recycling initiative, minimizing our carbon footprint for our generation and generations to come. These are just a few outcomes of our culture of innovation.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Our passion for quality is the essence of a continued investment in nursing’s remarkable talent, our leading-edge technologies and our continuous pursuit of excellence. The success of this investment is once again evidenced by HackensackUMC being recognized as one of America's Top 50 Hospitals and the only hospital in New Jersey, New York and New England to achieve this honor seven years in a row. In fact, we have better survival rates and lower complication rates across dozens of medical procedures and diagnoses, constantly ranking among the top five percent in the nation for overall clinical outcomes.

Through our Performance Improvement Program, we identify opportunities for improved delivery of patient care and outcomes while evaluating performance improvement activities. The commitment of our leadership and staff to quality elevates healthcare to a greater standard, and we are tenaciously determined to make quality the foundation of our success. 

The Performance Improvement Coordinating Committee (PICC) oversees performance improvement processes, outcomes and initiatives, as well as service line committees. One of their primary goals is to minimize physical injury and accidents during hospitalization, as well as support the National Patient Safety Goals. To that end, we constantly measure performance in quality sensitive indicators such as falls, pressure ulcers, CLABSI, restraints and ventilator-associated pneumonias (VAPs). 

Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality achieves sustained results, such as our record of diminishing patient falls, which is evidenced by our outperformance of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) for the hospital bed size greater than 500 benchmark for falls during the last eight quarters, 4Q2010-3Q2012. Additionally:

  • During the last eight quarters, HackensackUMC outperformed the benchmark in each and every quarter for falls.

  • We rank below the 10th percentile, compared to the benchmarking percentile ranking of the 50th-75th percentile.

  • Overall, falls within the organization have decreased between 10-15% each year from 2009 – 2012.

  • We sustain RN satisfaction well above the moderate satisfaction range consistent with our national benchmark.

  • Our patient satisfaction performance for nursing sensitive indicators provides validation of our excellent quality of care. We continue to outperform in the majority of the areas surveyed during the last eight quarters reported.

Interdisciplinary Commitment

Each and every day, nurses provide care for their patients and their families while utilizing an interdisciplinary model that spans across multiple disciplines. In doing so, nurses can ensure an optimal continuum of care while achieving the highest level of satisfaction for our patients, their families and others. We also value diverse opinions and recognize individual contributions, which foster healthy and supportive relationships. In alignment with HackensackUMC’s vision to lead the pursuit of excellence in healthcare, our goal is to enhance the treatments patients receive at all points of the care continuum.

Embedded in our Blueprint for Nursing Leadership is a culture that supports collaboration through effective interdisciplinary relationships, which foster alignment with Hackensack University Medical Center’s strategic directions. Our nurses assume essential leadership roles within all aspects of their interdisciplinary collaboration. This partnership is a major component of our Care Delivery and Professional Practice Models. These models support nurses as facilitators and advocates within the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams.


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