Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Hackensack University Medical Center is committed to the educational development of our nurses. From our prestigious academic affiliations with colleges and universities, to tuition assistance for full- and part-time employees, to scholarships for our hard-working nurses, we continue to encourage the pursuit of knowledge.

Academic Affiliations

Our nurses have endless opportunities to enhance their education through our affiliations with the area’s top schools. Through academic partnerships with schools such as Georgetown University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, College of St. Elizabeth, Drexel and Phoenix Universities, as well as clinical affiliations with schools like Columbia University, NYU and Rutgers University, we ensure that our nurses are supported to pursue their academic goals. For a complete list of our nursing and healthcare specialties affiliations, please click here.

Another way in which we encourage nurses to obtain degrees is to provide them with the opportunity for clinical placement at the medical center. Through our affiliations with more than 25 schools of nursing throughout the country, many of our nurses are able to complete their clinical requirements here at the medical center, with some of our employees serving as preceptors. For example, nurses returning to school for their BSN are placed with our nurse leaders for their leadership experience; nurses returning to school for their Master’s degree are placed in various settings for specialized clinical experiences; and nurses pursuing their DNP are placed for their residency.

Tuition Reimbursement

For many years, we have prided ourselves on a tuition reimbursement program for all benefit-eligible employees. Dedicated financial resources for tuition reimbursement and educational assistance demonstrate our commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Our tuition reimbursement program offers monetary reimbursement for undergraduate courses per calendar year up to a maximum of $4,250 for full-time employees, and $2,125 for part-time employees who are benefit-eligible after 6 month of continuous employment. The medical center also supports employees returning to school for graduate degrees (masters and doctorate), and offers tuition reimbursement to these employees up to a maximum of $5,250 for full-time employees, and $2,650 for part-time employees that are benefit-eligible.

To apply for tuition reimbursement, the employee must first complete an application for a new program on the EdAssist website. This alerts the Department Manager to approve the request, which triggers an EdAssist approval and finally a system update. Upon completion of the process, the employee receives an e-mail indicating the outcome. If approved, the employee goes to the main menu and processes a course request.


At HackensackUMC our nurses make a commitment to lifelong professional learning in order to push beyond traditional thinking and provide patients with amazing possibilities. In return, we encourage each and every staff nurse to pursue his or her educational development. The EdAssist program makes the process as easy as possible – providing tuition assistance administration and individual educational advising. Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. by sending an e-mail to, or by calling 855-222-6879. Upon completion of classes, the employee must submit grades and receipts within 60 days of the course end date for reimbursement. 

This program is designed to provide our employees with a comprehensive understanding of their educational and career options, and allows them to get the most out of their savings for tuition reimbursement. Additionally, many of the colleges and universities participating in the EdAssist program offer deferred payment opportunities, as well as discounted rates.

To access EdAssist, visit:

Clinical Affiliations


  1. All graduate students and RN to BSN students must request clinical placement by contacting the Department of Clinical Education. Contact Fran DeLuise at, 551-996-4146, or click here to complete a Clinical Placement Request Form.

  2. Education Specialist must verify a current Affiliation Agreement and Certificate of Liability Insurance, on file in the Department of Clinical Education.

  3. Students must obtain health clearance by contacting Robin Bogert, Occupational Medicine at 201-336-8689 or

  4. Next, students must contact the Department of Clinical Education to arrange for an appointment to complete the Graduate/Independent Student Record and submit required documents.

  5. Non-Hackensack employees are required to obtain information on the following topics: HIPAA, National Safety Goals, Infection Control, OSHA/Fire Safety, Age Specific, Cultural Diversity, Medication Administration, EMTALA, Environment of Care.

  6. After meeting with the Education Specialist, submitting all required documentation, and completing the orientation topics, the student will be referred to Security to obtain a parking permit and a temporary identification badge.

  7. After all the above steps are completed, the Education Specialist will notify the preceptor that the student has met the clinical clearance requirements and may begin clinical experience.


The hard work and dedication our nurses display in our hospital as well as in classrooms does not go unnoticed. In 2010, HackensackUMC established its own nursing scholarships fund with money raised by nurses, for nurses, and awarded to those who wished to further their education at the Baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctoral level. Each year during HackensackUMC’s Nurse’s Day celebration, nurses at each level of education are selected to receive a scholarship.

Prerequisite Criteria for Applicants:
  1. Employed at HackensackUMC for a minimum of one year full time or part time (benefit eligible) and pursuing a BSN or higher degree in nursing

  2. Must be enrolled in an ACEN (formerly NLNAC)/AACN accredited nursing academic degree program

  3. Minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent

  4. May not be awarded a HackensackUMC scholarship two consecutive years in a row

  5. Provide evidence of participation in activities related to the profession of Nursing (e.g. exemplar, capstone project, professional presentations, publications, etc.)

Application Process / Requirements for Submission
  1. Complete demographic information included in the Scholarship Application

  2. Submit a scholarly statement which speaks to professional goals (maximum of 250 words) and describe your contribution to the nursing profession (maximum of 250 words)

  3. Submit Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  4. Committee will review applications

  5. After review, selected applicants will be asked to submit academic transcripts and professional portfolio

Guidelines for Awarding Scholarships
  1. All scholarship applicants and requests for accessing professional development funds are to be sent to the Professional Nursing Scholarship Committee.

  2. Applications will not be accepted after April 15th

  3. The number of awards and amount of award will be determined annually by the committee based on available funds

  4. Presentation of scholarships will occur annually during the National Nurse’s Day celebration at HackensackUMC

Accessing Scholarship Funds for Professional Development
  1. Submit a written request describing the purpose and use of the funds

  2. Describe the target audience

  3. Statement of fees

  4. May be submitted the first day of each quarter

  5. Requests will be reviewed quarterly by members of the HackensackUMC Nursing Scholarship Committee

To learn more, read our Philanthropy page.



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