Professional Development

Professional Development

We support our nurses every step of the way with tuition assistance for full- and part-time employees, training and advancement opportunities – because at Hackensack University Medical Center, we have an unwavering commitment to develop our staff and improve outcomes for our patients. We are inspired to continuously learn, contribute new knowledge and innovate in pursuit of the best care for our patients. To successfully achieve this desire, our nurses are constantly encouraged to expand and enhance their skills, as well as continue their education.

We expect that all nurses at HackensackUMC will continue to grow professionally throughout their career. Professional credentialing is one means of growth.

According to Knapp & Knapp (2002), the many faces of credentialing are:

  • Certification
  • Certificate of knowledge
  • Licensure
  • Registration
  • Accreditation

HackensackUMC supports certification through reimbursement/recognition pay for attendance at conferences and completion of continuing education courses, and through the annual Certified Nurses Day, a day-long event where nurses can visit and attend numerous sessions in recognition of their accomplishments. Additionally, the Professional Practice Council (PPC), in collaboration with managers, recognizes all newly-certified nurses.

We award nurses with a one-time certification recognition pay and an additional recertification pay. All qualifying nurses up to the director level are eligible for recognition pay. To qualify, they must be employed by the medical center as a benefit-eligible employee, have satisfied the introductory probationary period, and have obtained certification while employed at HackensackUMC. Their certification cannot be a licensure requirement for their job. Once a registered professional nurse successfully passes a certification exam administered by a nationally recognized professional organization, they must submit their certificate to their nurse manager within six weeks of receiving notification of their initial certification or renewal of certification.

Certification recognition pay is awarded based on employment status at the time of disbursement:

  • Registered professional nurses with full-time status receive $1,000 reimbursement.
  • Registered professional nurses with part-time status receive $500 reimbursement.

Nurses are also reimbursed for the certification application and test fees.


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