Calling all Magnet Ambassadors!

Did you know that we will be submitting for our 6th Magnet designation?!  For our re-designation, we need to submit an application demonstrating our efforts and initiatives.  Let’s hear your ideas for the application and our site visit! 

Submit your awesome initiatives here!


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Gear up for Magnet 6!

Check out our Magnet #5 Designation Celebration!

Led by Dianne Aroh, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical & Patient Care Services Officer, Hackensack UMC received their 5th designation as a Magnet recognized organization.  Stay tuned for updates as we take the journey for Magnet designation #6 in 2018!



Our Magnetic History

Preservation of Hackensack UMC's remarkable Magnet history and innovative growth of the Magnet culture demonstrates our commitment to quality patient care as we pursue our sixth Magnet designation.

As we gear up for our 6th designation, the next few issues of this newsletter will publish a series, titled: Journey To Excellence: HackensackUMC's Magnet Experience.


Today, our team, comprised of our Magnet Nurses, leaders and partners across the organization and community continue to display much pride and ownership in maintaining the highly esteemed Magnet award.  This journey began in 1994, a small team prepared and submitted the application.  They embarked on a journey of success leading to HackensackUMC becoming the first hospital outside of the pilot project to hold the coveted ANCC Magnet Recognition designation.
This designation launched HackensackUMC Recognition for Nursing Excellence initiative.  The organization ran radio and television commercials promoting nursing at Hackensack and the Magnet recognition from the ANCC.  These promotions earned us numerous accolades from large medical centers and the private sector for our commitment to nursing and our Magnet Recognition.  We were recognized nationally as leaders in the nursing profession for our outsanding Magnet nurses and the quality patient care they deliver.
As the ANCC Magnet recognition program progressed in its membership and designations, the application requirements also grew more sophisticated.  By 2006, HackensackUMC had received this coveted recognition through three designations in a total of 11 years!  Plans were already underway to submit an application for our 4th designation.  Our team of resilient nurses and partners continued to evolve in ownership of the Magnet culture and enthusiasm for our journey to excellence.

Stay tuned for the next edition in the series: Journey To Excellence: HackensackUMC's Magnet Experience to learn more about how processes and approach changed for the next Magnet designations.



Check out our calendar below for all Magnet activities!




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