Finance Pillar

There is financial impact in participating in and improving performace of our units through reduced overtime.  Engaging in gainsharing programs increase profitability and motivate employees because in the end we all benefit!

End of Shift Overtime

The charts below show a comparison of overtime hours and dollars for the 2016 calendar year through February 2017 by director.  They show the financial impact overtime has on the organization.




End of Shift Overtime - Respiratory Unit

The Respiratory Department's OT usage for 2017 YTD is at $54,345.  Below is the hourly comparison for each month in the Q1 2017, showing overall a decreasing trend.




End of Shift Overtime - Comparison by Director

The tables below display the impact of overtime by hours and dollars per director.




2016 Gainsharing - Comparison by Unit (Outpatient)

The tables below show the comparison of both outpatient and inpatient units' performance in 2016 in the gainsharing programs.

Above are the results for all outpatient units for 2016.  Most of the units did very well in 2016.  In particular, the Allergy Center and Maternal Fetal Medicine have outstanding results!  Way to go!


2016 Gainsharing - Composite Awards (Outpatient)

Nine of the 15 units below are also eligible for a year-end award!  All nine are eligible for the Composite Award and seven are eligible for the Consistency Award!  And the Allergy Center and the Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery qualify for the Patient Experience Trophy of Excellence!  Great work!


2016 Gainsharing - Composite Awards (Inpatient)

Above shows that 19 of the 22 units will have a payout for the quarter ranging from $326-$21 per FTE.  In addition, eight units qualify for a year end Composite Award by showing 10% or more improvement in that category.  And two units acheive the Consistency Award because all 10 dimensions are above their respective baseline.


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