At Hackensack University Medical Center, we are steadfast in our commitment to giving back to our nurses. In fact, we believe that giving back to nursing education is truly an investment in everyone’s future since so many of our community members rely on our nurses now or will rely on them in the future. The Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation includes a full-time staff and a volunteer board of trustees that work tirelessly to make the foundation’s philanthropic vision a reality. Because of their dedication, as well as that of individuals, businesses and a community with a sense of responsibility, we continue to accomplish the extraordinary.
In 2010, HackensackUMC established its own nursing scholarship funded through campaigns by HackensackUMC nurses. A creation inspired by former HackensackUMC board member Betsy Gelb, the Everyone Needs A Nurse™ Campaign (ENANC) provides financial support for our registered nurses who are pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. This supports our vision to provide quality healthcare to our patients and outreach to our community. By investing in the education of nurses, we are able to ensure the evidence-based care we are known for.

With more than 10,000 charitable gifts and more than $17 million raised to help support vital programs and services at HackensackUMC, the dedication and commitment of our physicians, nurses, employees and volunteers is second to none. Through the exceptional standard of care our team delivers every day, we’ll continue to improve the health and well-being of the people of the New Jersey/New York metropolitan region and beyond.

To make a gift to Nursing Scholarships, please visit the HackensackUMC Foundation Donation Page and select “Nursing Scholarship” under “Available Programs”.


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