Our Journey

Our journey to Magnet recognition began in 1995 when Hackensack University Medical Center became the second institution in the United States (and the first outside of a pilot program) to receive the Magnet honor from the American Nurses Credentialing Center for nursing excellence. Today, we are a 6-time designated medical center and continue our pursuit of excellence every day through scholarly involvements, advanced research and a culture of innovation.

What Is Magnet?

The Magnet Recognition Program® acknowledges healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovation in professional nursing practice. In fact, this designation is considered the ultimate credential for high quality nursing and the leading source of successful nursing practices and strategies worldwide.

Why It Matters

Considered the “gold standard” of nursing, Magnet-designated hospitals emphasize the quality, innovation and collaboration that define their leading status. Because nurses are such a vital part of a healthcare organization, this recognition serves to attract a higher caliber of staff as a symbol of superior clinical outcomes, patient and nursing satisfaction. Magnet hospitals attract and retain many talented nurses. That’s because they are given opportunities to develop their skills in an empowering, nurturing environment that truly values what they do.

HackensackUMC is proud to be a Magnet-designated hospital since 1995 and the second institution in the country to receive Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. It is a true testimony to the expertise of our nurses and the passion they put into their job each and every day.

HackensackUMC's Magnet Monday Mania

Each Monday, a Magnet Monday Mania (MMM) question is emailed to everyone at HackensackUMC to test our employees’ Magnet readiness. The aim is to acquire more knowledge surrounding Magnet-related topics, and have fun while doing so! Questions are based on Magnet components and education. Four winners are randomly selected and recognized by way of “Magnet Monday Mania - Results, Answer & Winners!” emails. Winners also receive Elevate Great points and a certificate in the mail.


Click on 'Recognition' below to watch CNO Dianne Aroh speak to what sets HackensackUMC apart from other healthcare organizations.


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